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My Story So Far

Weaveloveamy began back in February 2018, where I was taking time out for myself after selling my childcare business due to alcohol dependency. My priorities in life have significantly changed including slowing my pace and taking time to enjoy the nature around me. My love for creative design began at a young age where I felt a sense of passion and achievement. However, my life took a different path and with no regrets I enjoyed the journey. But with time for some self-care I am now enjoying how my sobriety is stimulating my life and igniting my dormant love for creative design.

After making a couple of handmade looms and watching many (many!) online tutorials, I haven’t stopped weaving! I have continued to develop my skills and techniques over the past four years and I push my designs every time. A large part of the therapeutic process is to beachcombe for driftwood along the stunning shores of South Wales, and whenever I am on my travels, this further adds to the uniqueness of each handcrafted weave. I also love hanging the weaves from naturally shed antlers that I acquire from an estate in rural Hampshire, as this often gives the piece its distinction.

I will hold my hand up to say (and I’m sure I’m not the only one!) that I love home décor and design, and putting different colour palettes together genuinely excites me!

From social media platforms, I have been able to sell my wall hangings in a quaint little shop in the beautiful Cotswold’s to now selling in an exciting independent shop called East St Emporium located in Bedminster which is a vibrant suburb of Bristol, where I collaborate with 60+ other unique creatives.

I’m also very proud to say that I have been approached by Mollie Makes Magazine to make a commissioned step by step guide to making a handwoven headboard, this was a very exciting project

I will continue to cherish this newfound freedom where I can enjoy my creativity and pursue my dreams of making commissions for boutique hotel, homes, cafes and where ever some texture is needed! One day I will have my own studio